Saturday, December 08, 2012

closing shop

I've been thinking of doing this for a while. Most likely, I'm not going to blog on this blog any longer. I'm no longer a middle school teacher.

While this blog will no longer be updated, I am not closing it up as some people do like some of the stuff that I've posted when I was a middle school teacher. For them, the information I've provided in dealing with middle schoolers should remain.

In the meantime, I'll explore other blog options. Those that I've made real life connections through Facebook and/or e-mail, I'll let you know where I'll blog in the future.

Monday, November 26, 2012

she is always on my mind . . .

Artist Girl was gone all week-end. She took off on Thursday evening upset about something and didn't return home until yesterday. I knew she was going to a friend's house and she finally touched base with me Saturday night. She is twenty three years old and so, it's not like I can place the same demands I once did when she was younger.

I'm learning that mental illness is a selfish bitch.

For reasons that make no sense to me, Artist Girl ran out of her meds on Thursday. She didn't tell us until tonight. I'm scheduled to go out of town on business tomorrow. Most rational adults would understand that when you are getting low on your meds that help you to maintain at a certain level of funcationality, you need to make sure to refill those meds and not wait until you are completely out.

Completely out as in more than one or two days.

All I can do is tell her that she matters. That I love her and that tomorrow, she needs to call the pharmacy as soon as possible so that the pharmacy can call her psychiatrist to okay her refills. When her mood has stabilized, then I can talk to her about her responsibility to her mental well-being.

She worries because I tend to be "broke" by the end of the month. However, just because I don't have cash in my account doesn't mean there isn't some way of getting her the medication she needs.

In other news, a blogging friend that I've never had the pleasure of meeting in real life is facing the unbearable reality that her husband is dying. I already shared with her that I think about both her and her husband on a daily basis. I was hoping to meet her this week, but know that (obviously) she needs to be there for her husband.

My dear friend, we will meet one of these days soon. Cancer is another selfish bitch that I wish none of us ever had to deal with.

Friday, October 19, 2012

next steps . . .

Positive developments. Keeping my fingers crossed. Think of me on Tuesday.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, October 15, 2012

exploring . . .

Last year it was my superintendent who seemed hell-bent on making my life miserable. This year it is a member of my union who at every turn is creating havoc. It is pretty well known that this particular individual wants to be president next and so she has made it her mission to question everything I do and not in a way that is very diplomatic. To put it bluntly, she is being a bi@tch.

This has led me to the conclusion that I just cannot do this any longer, so I'm exploring my options.

I applied for a position that I think would suit me perfectly. It fits my love of education along with policy and advocacy. So, keep your fingers crossed!

Note: I have had to turn on comment moderation as I keep getting spammed by one commenter. Hopefully, this person will get the message & move on & annoy someone else.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why I will vote for Obama on November 6th . . .

Locally, I've been very vocal with my criticism of President Obama and his almost identical educational policies to his predecessor President Bush. It has been said by many of those us who support public education that this Administration's "Race to the Top" is really NCLB on steroids. There is more concern growing as more states & local school district's embrace Common Core, which seems to call for more testing.

However, even though I am a teacher and a strong believer in public education with two of my children successfully graduating and a third on his way to do so, I am a parent first.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, then you know of the struggle that my oldest has had in regards to her mental health. She has been doing pretty good and I think that she seemed to be pretty convinced that the break-down experienced when she was 19 was a fluke and that, she probably wasn't really Bi-Polar.

That is until this last week. Thankfully she is back home, so she was able to get help right away and is already back on medications which will hopefully stabilize what she is experiencing. Also, it wasn't the depressive aspect that got her this time around but a seemingly inability to sleep for the past week or so that made her realize that maybe what she was experiencing wasn't just insomnia. Her "manic" phases aren't full-blown mania. Her manic phases are bouts of insomnia, mixed in with severe anxiety.

What does this have to do with President Obama? Well, she is still on my insurance, which means she has a full compliment of services through our health provider. She turns 24 in December, so she'll stay on it for another two years when (not IF) Obama is reelected.

In the meantime, she can focus on getting better. I am proud of her because she is in a better place mentally and was able to recognize that she was in a not so good place & needed to get help. (Just so people know, the bi-polar diagnosis didn't go away and she's been struggling. However, because she is an adult, there wasn't much I could do to force treatment on her unless she was hurting herself.)

When you have an adult child who has a mental illness, health insurance becomes even more important. Despite Romney's claims to the contrary, a good health care system does not consist of people going to the emergency room in order to receive quality care. I'm not sure what we are going to do in two years, but in the meantime, I will be exploring her options so that when the day comes that she can no longer be on our insurance, she doesn't have to worry and I won't have to either.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

on the road to recovery

Tomorrow it will be a week since my hysterectomy. I am pleased to report that I'm doing well and mostly off of pain medications. My job now is to make sure that I don't try to over do it as I've been told & have read that you only get the chance to heal properly once. That is my goal.

We are still awaiting lab results to make sure that nothing else needs to be done, but based on what my doctor has said to me, I am not anticipating any bad news.

My parents were here to take care of me for the first few days. My daughter has been home to help when I need it. Luckily, I have such great support! I don't know how people do this who are on their own.